The role of proper nutrition in your health

Proper nutrition has been attributed to a number of positive contributions to one’s health. The types of food you eat or the nutrients in it will determine whether you are going to live long and the vulnerability of your body to certain diseases. It will also determine the physical and mental growth in you. Proper nutrition simply means the intake of food rich in nutrients essential for your health. Different types of food have been categorized and recommended for human consumption because of their nutritional values. The categories include food rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins. We also have essential foods like some oils used for dietary purposes.

They may be extracted from plants, animals or fish. Some people find it hard to differentiate foods and the type of nutrients they contain which makes them consume unbalanced diet. Some of the additives we use on food are said to be useful while some harmful. Most of them which are manufactured contain bits of chemical preservatives which cause a lot of harm to your health. Many prefer natural ones like garlic which is said to be of immense health benefits. Having good health is important because you are able to live a healthy life and perform your daily duties effectively. You should, therefore, do all that matters to ensure you are in good shape and health. Proper nutrition plays a significant role in your health in the following ways.


Body immunity

Certain types of food will help boost your body defense system. Ever wondered why you fall ill so often or feel weak at times? Whatever you consume might be the reason for that. The different food categories have their own role in boosting your body’s immune system. Vitamins mostly found in fruits and distinguished vegetables will help improve the defense system of your body. They also help in the formation of blood.



Growth is one significant part of the human life cycle. We all undergo growth in different moments of life. The type of food you eat will help determine your growth. Proteins are known to be a major player in one’s physical growth. They enhance the growth of body tissues which is noticeable in one’s physical appearance. Foods rich in proteins include fish, milk, meat and some grains like beans. Mental growth is also essential, and some foods contribute to it, which include fish rich in omega 3.



002The body needs energy to conduct some activities. Simple tasks like walking from one point to the other also require energy. There are certain foods you can take in that will not help in the provision of energy to your body. Products rich in energy include carbohydrates. Starch found in most carbohydrates will help increase your energy levels. They can be found in foods like maize, rice, wheat among others.