Health And Social Care Career Options

If you are somebody who is compassionate and possess a yearning for helping needy people to contribute towards social welfare, a career in health and social care would be an excellent opportunity to make a living doing what you love to do

Health And Social Care Career Option (1)

Below are the courses and qualifications which are available right now for health and social care:

1. Ascentis Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Substance Misuse
2. Diploma in Health and Social Care3.Online Social Care Qualifications

  • Substance misuse

Substance abuse is another phrase for drug abuse which basically means use and addiction of substances or drugs in quantities which can be harmful to the person consuming them as well as to other people. Drug abuse becomes a social problem because the abuser can go to any extreme to acquire the drugs and often these “means” turn to criminal ways.

Moreover, substance misuse can render a person unfit for active and healthy social and professional life. The family life of such a person is adversely affected and if others are dependent on a substance abuser, then their lives also suffer deterioration.

Health And Social Care Career Option (2)Drugs are a very addictive substance and it requires a huge amount of effective and precise “professional counseling” to convince an abuser to quit the habit. The Ascentis level 3 Certificate in Understanding Substance Misuse is a certificate course of (mention the period) which will give the student a complete insight into the physiological and psychological effects of substance misuse and teach students ways in which such individuals need to be treated to make them overcome the substance abuse habit.

Rehab centers across the country require such professionals who are well-trained to take care of substance abusers and an Ascentis Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Substance Misuse from Frontline training services is a qualification that will give a lot of weightage to your resume.

  • Health and Social Care

Social care is the means of providing social work, protection, individual care and social support servicesHealth And Social Care Career Option (1) to children and adults who are in need or are who are at risk. These needs may stem from illness, disabilities, extreme old age and poverty. Social care responsibilities include saving people from abuse and neglect, taking care of their physical and mental health, to promote social equality and acceptability for marginalized people and to assure protection of human rights of minorities in regards to their basic social needs. Health care is very important component of social care.

The Online Social Care Qualifications and Diploma in Health and Social Care are two courses which
qualify the student to take up jobs in the social welfare sector.

They help students to get trained in aspects like personal development and gives them a keen insight into critical and analytical problem solving in health care and social care issues.

All the three qualifications, which include online courses as well as on-site certificates and Diploma, are sure to immensely boost your career opportunities in Social care and Health care sector jobs.