Four Factors to Look Into When Choosing a Laptop for Architecture Students

While it is fun to study architecture in college, if this is your strong suit, doing all the required tasks throughout the course would be impossible to accomplish without some kind of help. You need tools or devices, such as a computer, to complete all those. But, of course, you can’t just bring your desktop to school.

But another challenge is, with the numerous laptops available on the market, it could be really challenging to pick one that would best assist you in doing your tasks as well as homework. So before you start shopping, you must know the important factors that you need to look into when choosing the best laptop for you as an architecture student. These essential factors include:

Operating System (OS)

macbookThe first on the list is the laptop’s operating system (OS). Take note that this is what manages everything that is on the computer, including the software and hardware, as well as all the files stored on it. Needless to say, you need not just a good one but the best there is.

When it comes to the OS, you can select one from Windows, OS X, and Chrome OS. However, the operating system that was developed by Google does not come with Adobe nor Photoshop, which are really needed by students like you who are in the field of architecture. So that right there eliminates Chrome OS from the options.

Windows are preferred by many people, but that doesn’t mean that Apple’s OS X is not as good as theirs. They are equally excellent, so it is up to you to pick one.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

You can expect that you will be running all sorts of software that are essential for your studies. Therefore, you need a powerful CPU. As much as possible, you should get at least the Intel i5 or even the higher ones.


When running different kinds of architectural software, you need a high RAM as well to ensure that those programs will be able to run without any hassle. With this, you must go for 8 GB of RAM or anything higher than that.

Screen Size

As an architecture student, you will be dealing with details that require precision. That would be hard to do if you are using a very small screen, so you must buy a laptop with a screen size of at least 15 inches.