Look! Portable CD Players Are Back and for a Reason

Back in the 90s, when mobile phones and iPods were not yet around, the most popular gadget carried by the hippest individuals was the portable CD player.They also produce a powerful sound that it was the ideal device to carry to picnics and any outdoor activity. And they are not for outdoor settings only. They are also beautifully designed, which made them practically on every shelf of homes.

But with the advent of mobile phones that allow one to hear music and other entertainment options aside from their communication purposes, portable CDs have lost some of its meaning. They were soon left as toys for children or were stocked in cabinets. But with added features and enhanced capabilities, the new breed of portable CDs are reviving the interest of music-loving individuals over this hip gadget of the 90s.

Considering to buy one? Well, you should. Here are some of the reasons.

Radio TooProgrammable Tracks to as Many as 20!

With the old portable CD player, you have to replace the disk if it is through with all the songs in it. This is because it has no programmable features. The present crop of portable CD players can allow you to program as many as twenty of your favorite tracks. This means that you can just select the track that you want to listen to at the moment.

It Is a Radio Too!

This feature is not also found in the older version of portable CD players. The best part here is you can also program your preferred stations. This is truly convenient as you will not have to go through hundreds of stations before selecting one. And it is not only the FM stations that are available. You can also access AM stations, which means you can also listen to current issues and events.

Music for 12 Hours Non-Stop!

This is quite impossible with other music devices. The new crop of portable CDs has a long battery life that can last for 12 hours. This makes them ideal for outdoor use, although there are some brands with replaceable batteries, making them the better choice for overnight camping.

Higher-Quality Sounds

heahphonePortable CDs were always known to produce high-quality audio even before. Whether you are listening to music inside your room, in your speeding car, or in an open space, your portable CD will always give you the perfect audio as it is using digital systems.

Leave your mobile phones a break. Use a portable CD to listen to music. They are more qualified in that department.