Top Reasons You Should Be Using Scripts in Google Ads

If you have been using Google Ads for some time and your campaigns are great, there are still ways you can get more bang for your buck. Also, you can make the process of managing Google campaigns an easy one. Ideally, scripts are pieces of code that can help you to automate your Google PPC campaigns. In this way, you can run profitable campaigns whilst spending less time on tough tasks. The following are some of the reasons you should consider using Google Ads scripts.

Automate Repetitive and Tedious Tasks

As you know, setting up a Google Ads campaign manually can be quite tedious. For instance, you will need to do keyword research, filter excels sheets, and try to find ad groups that do not have price extensions. Applying guesswork when it comes to modifying your bids and adding negative keywords can take a lot of time. Instead of wasting your time doing all these, you should consider using Google Ads scripts.

Increase Account Performance

Ideally, you will want to watch your PPC campaigns all the time. When you come across a keyword that is cheap or has a higher conversion rate, you want to immediately bid on it. What about when you have an expensive keyword that does not convert well, you want to get rid of it, so as not to waste time on your ad budget? Unfortunately, you have a lot of things to do on a typical day.

By using Google Ads scripts, you can increase bids on high conversion keywords or even stop ads from showing in the irrelevant search terms. You can also discover underperforming keywords.

Make Few Mistakes

As you know, it is normal for people to make mistakes. It is unfortunate you cannot help. The right thing to do is to fix mistakes before the snowball. In fact, with Google Ads scripts, you can avoid sending traffic to broken links and get alerts when someone in your team stops the campaigns or if your budget runs out.

Get Detailed Reports and Analysis

As you know, it is advisable to spend minimal time on operational tasks and instead spend more on high-level, strategic decisions. However, to make sound decisions, you need data. Gathering, analyzing, and reporting data takes most of your time. With Google Ads scripts, you can get detailed data and analysis of your PPC campaigns.